1155 Commercial Tub Grinder

Our 1155 tub grinder is used in beef lots, dairy farms, and on ranches all over the world.

They take rounds and big squares and grind them through a variation of screen sizes to get you the product or nutrition you want.


Rotary Self-Cleaning Screen

The enclosed engine compartment and rotary self-cleaning screen protect the engine from dirt and debris buildup. An enclosed engine compartment also reduces the noise level. The 1155 also gives you easy access to the engine with a 3-door entry on either side, plus a front door to the radiator.

C15 Caterpillar Electronic Diesel Engine

Powered by either a 475 HP (354 kw) or a 540 HP (403 kw) C15 Caterpillar Electronic diesel engine with state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system, fuel consumption is decreased. This allows it to produce ground hay at a rate that will make you money on every job. It’s strong enough to chew through those tough, wet bales, and it has all the features you’ve come to expect from Caterpillar, including reliability, cold weather starting, unsurpassed product support, and proven resale value.

KPTO Fluid Coupler

The KPTO fluid coupler transmits power with up to 98% efficiency and eliminates the mechanical clutch. It’s goof-proof. Acting as a torque limiter, it can engage or disengage at full engine RPM without damage – reducing the chance of problems in the drive train.

50 Degree Oscillating Stacking Conveyor

The 30 in. wide x 26 ft. long stacking conveyor piles hay to over 18 feet in height. The conveyor can oscillate left to right up to 50 degrees, which means you can not only make the pile tall, you can make it wide as well.

50” Big Bite Hammermill

The Big Bite hammermill is located at the rear of the tub frame, reducing the length of the belly conveyor, improving the belly conveyor service accessibility, and moving the dust away from the operator. The hammermill is also dynamically balanced to give you smoother operation, longer life, and less maintenance.

90 Degree Tub Tilt

The 11 ft. wide x 50 in. deep tilt tub opens a full 90 degrees for access to the hammermill and screens as well as for normal servicing.

11’ Tub with Tip in Tub Flares (Sides)

The 11 ft. wide x 50 in. deep tub has tip in tub flares (sides). The sides are folded in to narrow the transport width of the grinder.

Command Console with Optional Remote Control

A central command console is conveniently located and controls all the functions of the machine. An optional remote control is available to keep you out of the dust. It controls the tub rotation, conveyor lift, conveyor articulation, and engine stop. The electronic governor keeps the engine RPMs constant, resulting in increased efficiencies and constant load.

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Standard Features

  • The Truck Mounted Big Bite 1150 is easy to transport between jobs and is easy to maneuver into tight spots. Because the unit is mounted over the truck's rear axles, there is traction to get through the sloppiest farm and hay yards.
  • The exclusive, innovative self-cleaning rotary screen protects the radiator and engine air intake from chaff and fines. That means no more plugged radiators, so there’s less down time.
  • The KPT Fluid coupler transmits power with up to 98% efficiency and eliminates the mechanical clutch. It’s goof proof, can engage or disengage at full engine RPM without damage, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • The 30 inch x 26 ft. discharge conveyor piles hay over 18 feet high. The conveyor can articulate left to right up to 50 degrees which means you can not only make the pile big, you can make it wide too.


Total 34,100 lbs. (15,468 kg)
Axle 27,900 lbs. (12,656 kg)
Tongue 6,200 lbs. (2,813 kg)
Width 11 ft. (3.35 m)
Height 11 ft 6 in (3.51 m)
Length 31 ft (9.448 m)
Manufacturer CATERPILLAR
Model C15
Type In-line, 6 cylinder, 4 -Stroke Diesel
Power Rating 475 HP (354 kw) or 540 HP (403 kw)
Bore 5.4 in (137 mm)
Stroke 6.5 in (165 mm)
Displacement 983 cu. in. (14.6 L)
Fuel System Electronic Unit Injector
Aspiration Turbocharged and air to air aftercooling
Compression Ratio 16.25 : 1
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counter-clockwise
Engine Housing A sealed enclosure with a rotary screen at the front that removes debris from the air prior to being drawn through the radiator. Air is directed around engine components to provide surface cooling and discourages dust buildup. Air exits out the bottom between the engine and right and left frame channels. 3 generous sized service access doors are provided on both the right and left sides.
Radiator Staggered Core with 7 fins per inch
Cooling System 9.2 gal. (34.8 L)
Lube Oil System (refill) 10 gal (38 L)
Engine Air Induction Clean air is drawn in front of radiator through an inline separator and dry type air filter with safety element.
Engine Block Heater 120V / 2000 watt
Manufacturer TRANSFLUID
Model Model KPTO-19 Fluid Coupling
Type Drain Type Fluid Coupling
Charge Pump Gear type
Cooler Oil to air, thermostatic controlled electric fan
Features Unloaded engine warm-up, smooth startup, shock and overload protection, absorbs vibrations, electric/hydraulic control valve
Maintenance Easy access oil filter and drain plug
Fluid Capacity 9.24 gal (35 L)
Cooler Oil to Air, radiator mounted
Pump Gear type, 2 section, output is 25 & 15 gpm @ 2100 psi., engine mounted
Control Valves Electric/Hydraulic, 4 valves - 1) 4 spool, 2) single spool, and 1 proportioning
Reservoir Capacity 50 gallon (171 liter)
Tub Tilt 3 in x 30 in (7.62 x 76.2 cm) Hydraulic Cylinder
Conveyor Lift 2) 3 in x 36 in ( 7.62 x 91.44 cm) Hydraulic Cylinders
Conveyor Fold 2) 3 in x 30 in (7.62 x 76.2 cm) Hydraulic Cylinder
Conveyor Articulation 2) 2 in x 8 in (5.08 x 20.3 cm)
Fire Suppression 2) 20 lbs (9.09 kg) Fire Extinguishers, front mounted on the right and left side of
the main frame
Fuel Capacity 300 gal (1,135 L)
Lights Clearance, Directional, and Brake
Towing Arrangement 5TH WHEEL
Axle Tandem, rated 22,500 lbs.
Length 50" (127 cm)
Diameter, Hammers Extended 26" (66.04 cm)
Feed Opening 25 in x 52 in (63.5 cm x 133 cm)
Mill Feeding Mill Grate
Hammers 1/2” (1.27 cm) AR-Hardened Steel , Swing
Number of Hammers 88
Hammer Rods 1-1/4 in (31.75 mm) dia., Case Hardened
Mill Plates 1/2" (1.27 cm) thick X 16" (40.64 cm) dia.
Mill Shaft 4-1/2 in (114.3 mm), Stress Proof Steel
Bearings 4 in (101.6 mm), Pillow Block Bearings
Drive Direct from Fluid Coupling
Screens 1/8 in (3.18 mm), 3/16 in (4.76 mm), or 1/4 in (6.35 mm) thick and various hole sizes from 1/8 in (3.18 mm) to 8 in (203.2 mm)
Screen Area 2,781 sq. in. (7,063.75 sq. cm.)
Loading Height 9 ft 6 in (2.89 m)
Tub Width 11 ft (3.35 m)
Depth 50 in. (127 cm)
Tub Diameter at Base 9 ft (2.74 m)
Tub Wall Thickness 12 gage (2.66 mm)
Tub Floor Thickness 1/4 in (6.35 mm)
Drive Mechanism Electro/Hydraulic
Speed control Electronic Governor
Service Access Tub opens to 90 degrees to the right side
Type Rubber Belt with 3/4 in (19.05 mm) cleats
Width 36 in (91.4 cm)
Drive Hydraulic
Drive & Idler Rollers Type “Easy Clean”
Type Rubber Belt with 1-1/2 in (38.1 mm) Cleats
Drive Hydraulic, Top driven
Drive & Idler Roller Type "Easy Clean"
Length 26 ft. (7.92 m)
Width 30 in. (76.2 cm)
Max. Conveyor Discharge Height 18 ft 3 in (5.56 m)
Lift Electric/Hydraulic
Fold Electric/Hydraulic
Oscillation (50°) Electric/Hydraulic
Engine Functions
Battery Disconnect Rotating key, switch with power off, lock, power on
Ignition Rotating key switch with lock, power on, start, run and power off
Throttle 3-position switch to increase rpm, hold rpm, and decrease rpm
Emergency Engine Stop 2-position switch, pull out to run and push in to stop
Tub Grinder Functions
Hammermill 2-position switch, pull out to engage and push in to disengage
2-position safety switch, push and hold until hammermill begins to spin
Conveyor Lift 3-position switch to raise, hold, & lower
Conveyor Oscillation 3-position switch for right, hold, & left
Conveyor Storage 3-position switch to fold, hold or to unfold
Belly & Discharge Conveyor 2-position switch to engage and disengage
Tub Rotation 3-position switch to operate tub clockwise, stop, & counter-clockwise
Tub Speed Model RCB93 electronic governor stabilizes engine load by adjusting tub rotation speed
Tub Tilt 3-position switch to raise, hold, & lower
Conveyor Lift 3-position switch to raise, hold, & lower
Conveyor Oscillation 3-position switch for right, Hold, & left
Conveyor Storage 3-position switch to fold, hold or to unfold